Solutions in metal and wood: trade fairs, structures, sports accessories, retail fittings, metal fabrication...
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What we do

Technical team able to design what you need from scratch, based on your idea or on a sketch.

Metalworking and carpentry division allowing us to design and manufacture any element in iron, steel, aluminium, wood, glass, etc.

  • We work with all kinds of metal fabrication pieces: separators, bypass, dirt separators, etc. Qualified expert metal workers, over 40 years’ experience in the sector, with the finest machinery for metal fabrication work.
  • We build a wide range of structures, from the simplest to the most complex: aircraft maintenance platforms, pedestrian walkways, engine sheds, acoustic shells and catwalks in theatres, solar energy, posts.
  • Manufacture and installation of sports accessories or the complete development of sports centres: football goals, basketball baskets, sheds for mats, football benches, handrails, fences, cages for changing rooms.
  • We carry out all kinds of work in metal and wood: retail fittings, stands for trade fairs, industrial warehouse fittings and fixtures, perimeter fences, signage, scale models, lighting towers, metal doors, turbines.